Metal Gear HD gets touch controls on Vita

It looks like the Vita edition of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection won’t be just a simple port of the PS3/360 version.

Series mastermind Hideo Kojima has taken to Twitter to reveal that the game will utilize the Vita’s touch control options. In one message he revealed: “New controls of PSvita. Major Zero’s line. You can slice enemy’s throat with knife if you flick the touch pad behind.”


He later stated: “Major Zero. If you pinch out left & right on touch panel behind w/ 1st person camera, you can stretch up yourself.”

It’s not exactly clear what this means but perhaps he’s referring to standing on Snake’s toes in first person view to get a higher look on things.

Oh alright Kojima, fine, I’ll buy Metal Gear Solid 3 a total of three times this year.