Not even the developers know BioShock Infinite’s story

Ken Levine is a secretive man. He and his team somehow managed to keep BioShock Infinite a secret right up until its shock reveal two years ago, and the same can be said for the entire plot of the original game, including its incredible twist.

But we didn’t know he was this reserved. The iconic developer recently revealed to PSM3 (via CVG) that he’s keeping the story of Infinite completely secret from even the team making the game.

“I want to preserve [it] and observe [the team], so I can see their reactions,” Levine told the magazine. “Keeping people virgins to that content is really important because you never get that reaction from someone a second time.”

It’s not a decision that’s proved popular with the rest of Irrational Games. “I think (it’s) a frustration on the team here. I don’t want them to know the game story, and they want a document from me that tells them the whole game story,” he continued.

“I’m not going to do that. That’s not the way we present stuff to the gamer. We don’t ship a document. The story is only relevant in terms of how you present it, not the details of what it is.

“I don’t want to send out a document which is the game story, because to me that’s not the game story – that’s an outline or a blueprint for us to build the game story from.”

It’s a bold move on Levine’s part; it could be argued that detaching the developer from the story could damage the finished product. At the same time, it makes us all the more excited for what Levine has in store for us.