Resident Evil for the Game Boy Color now available for download

For those of you interested in those lost games that never were, here’s a fun little bit of news.

The previously never-before-released Game Boy Color port of the original Resident Evil is now ready for you to download and play in all its unfinished glory. Not to be confused with 2001’s Resident Evil Gaiden, this port of the long-running franchise’s maiden title, developed by HotGen, was cancelled in the year 2000 by Capcom, 90% of the way into its development, due to concerns with its apparent poor quality. Collective sad face.

However, now you can salvage the remains of this dead game, thanks to a recent fundraiser held over at There, a collector somehow got his hands on a prototype build of the game, stating through a third party that he would only release the title to the public if $2000 could be raised for the cause. Well, that $2000 has now been raised.

The download, along with the details of the fundraiser, can be found here. Be warned, this game was cancelled for a reason, so don’t expect the most quality of experiences, or the ability to actually, you know, finish the game. Nevertheless, I think we can safely chalk this one up as another win by the internet.