Risen 2 Limited Collector’s edition announced

Becoming one with the ever-growing crowd of Limited and Collector’s editions and what have you, is Risen 2: Dark Waters as developer Piranha Bytes and publisher Deep Silver have announced the “limited collector’s edition” for the game.

The LE will release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in late-April and unless you want to stick to the standard edition for the game, which also releases on PC, here’s what you get if you upgrade:

• Making of DVD – interviews with the developers from Piranha Bytes who delve deeper into the production of Risen 2
• Soundtrack CD – The gripping tunes of the Risen 2 soundtrack will immediately absorb the listener into this fantastic pirate world
• Double-sided poster – a large sized map of the game world on one side and an epic artwork featuring the hero and his crew on board their impressive ship
• Pirate Flag – with the skull motif from Risen 2
• Amulet – a pendant that every pirate and Risen 2 fan will be proud of
• The Art of Risen 2: Dark Waters – an exclusive collection of art cards on high quality-paper
• Three Risen 2 stickers

Where’s the rum? Why is the rum always gone?