Star Wars Kinect has a date (on the dance floor)

Has Star Wars Kinect earned the past year of mockery its received from critics and gamers alike? We’ll have a definitive answer pretty soon as Microsoft today announced that the game will be launch on April 3 in the UK and US.

A standalone edition of the game is available, but franchise nerds are undoubtedly eyeing up the (admittedly really cool) R2-D2 Xbox and 3C-PO Kinect bundle that will also be released. Five modes will come on the disc letting players take part in podraces, control a Rancor, wield a lighsaber and uh, face Darth Vader in a dance off.

Yep, a Galactic Dance Off mode is one of the more unusual draws of the game. And no, we’re not making this up. We’ll also be able to racer the likes of Count Dooku and more in Speeder Bikes and Land Speeders.

At least it’s not taking itself too seriously, then.