Starhawk Limited Edition revealed, adds more co-op

Sony has revealed a Limited Edition for the upcoming Starhawk, available to anyone who pre-orders the game at GameStop.

Inside this special edition is a bunch of extra DLC, including maps, missions and even the original Warhawk game on PS One.

Most interesting is the Maw of Despair co-op map and character skin. Players will take on the Shade Warriors, an elite group of enemies tougher than Starhawk‘s standard foes. The Echo Scrapyard Rifter pack will also be included, which adds the Scrapyard Homeworld and another multiplayer skin. It sounds more like a hub world than another multiplayer map, offering players the chance to test out vehicles and weapons.

Along with that Warhawk download comes a dynamic theme and soundtrack, too. Not a bad little bundle, then.

No word on if there will be an EU equivalent on this deal. Starhawk hits in May.