Activision developing Battleship tie-in

Few movie trailers have proved as ridiculous, yet eye-poppingly brilliant as the one for Battleship, which hits cinemas later this year.

It would be nice, then, if the just-announced videogame tie-in could deliver on the same scale of spectacle as the film. It certainly throws out any suspicion of a mild-mannered board game adaption, at least.

Activision will be handling this one, which acts as a standalone story to the film, playing out as part naval warfare strategy, part FPS. It’s a perfect match, we know.

We’ll play as elite demolitions specialist Cole Mathis, who we guess is very good at both commanding entire fleets of naval ships and shooting aliens with the best of them.

The version we’re talking about is coming to PS3 and 360, of course, though different editions are inbound for Wii, DS and 3DS. We know not a release date, but given the film’s May 18 launch expect it to be around then.