D3Publisher takes over DreamWorks tie-ins

The often lovable movies created by DreamWorks have always resonated well with kids and audiences in general, but the tie-in games were always focused on the younger demographic. So when troubled THQ announced the company would be moving away from making said tie-ins, potentially dangerous riots with kids armed to their teeth with next-gen Nerf guns wouldn’t necessarily have been unheard of.

Fortunately (or maybe not), that didn’t happen, mainly because sales of kids titles have been at quite a low lately. Not surprising, since most of them, while differently themed, are actually quite similar in terms of gameplay, what yo have to do and how to go about it. But for those fearing the end of DreamWorks tie-ins, there’s no need to panic as Namco Bandai subsidiary D3Publisher has taken over from where THQ left off.

The deal says D3Publisher will develop and publish at least three tie-ins based on DreamWorks’ upcoming feature films, including Madagascar 3 (slated for a June release), Rise of the Guardians (set for a holiday release this year) and The Crood, which is scheduled for a spring release 2013.