House of the Dead III makes a great Valentine’s Day gift

Quick; what do you think of when you hear the words, “Valentine’s Day”? If you answered, “Why, shooting zombies directly in the brain pan in the arcade,” I have wonderful news for you. The classic on-the-rails arcade game House of the Dead III is coming exclusively to the PSN (or SEN, technically) on February 14.

Obviously, this game is going to have Move support, as that’s really the only way it should be played. It’s also going to have multiplayer, trophies, and a free avatar with purchase of the game. If you don’t want to wait a week, the demo is available now for PlayStation Plus members. Also for Plus members, you get an extra 30% off the already low $6.99 price. If you aren’t a member of that exclusive club, then you’ll just have to wait until February 21, and you’ll also have to pay full price. That’ll teach you, suckers.

I’m hoping this is the future of the arcade. It’s horribly painful to walk through a mall and never see a single Aladdin’s Castle. While a home console can’t recreate the feelings of camaraderie an arcade can engender, I’d rather get arcade games that way than have them die an ignoble death. At least House of the Dead III has avoided the fate of so many of its fellows.