Journey to last 3 – 5 hours but has “great replayablity,” hints on dev’s next

Its long development cycle might have meant that it’s slipped under the radar somewhat, but a lot of us are still really excited for thatgamecompany’s Journey, due out on PS3 this year.

Any information that does come along at this point is likely to prick our ears, and The Silent Chief has done just that by gathering info off of the developer’s Twitter page.

According to the site Journey will last only around 3 – 5 hours, but will have “great replayability”. While there’s “always a chance” for it, no DLC is currently being worked on, and there won’t be any 3D support or a Vita version either (unless Sony itself develops it). Journey avatars will make their way onto the SEN, however.

The release of Journey marks the end of TGC and Sony’s three game contract, meaning the next title could be for other systems besides PS3. It sounds like the team is pretty far into the next project too, as Twitter states that it “deals with something that you can see with your eyes”.

Mysterious. All I see with my eyes right now are my two cats asleep either side of me, taking up annoying amounts of keyboard space as they stretch. Is it about that, I wonder?