Updated: Double Fine crowdsourcing old-school adventure project

Update: And just like that, the project has crossed the $400,000 mark with around 9000 contributions. If you wanted to throw some money at the project, you still can though; the funding won’t end for another 33 days, unless the plug is somehow pulled sooner.

What will they do with the extra money? According to studio head Tim Schafer: “If we surpass our goal, we’ll use the extra money to localize the game into many languages! And not just with Google translate!”

Schafer also shares his feelings on reaching the $400K mark: “I love you, world. Double Fine fans are the greatest fans in the whole world. Your gonna make me cry. :) :) :)”

Original story: Double Fine has decided to take the crowdsourcing approach with its next project, and it seems they’re going to be most successful.

In an effort to fund Double Fine Adventure, an old-school adventure game, the company headed to Kictstarter where they are — a few hours and 7200 backers later — very close to reaching their goal of $400,000. At the time of writing, over $333k has already been pledged, and it’s going up fast.

But! There’s still time to be cool and for everyone to like you; the video on the Kickstarter page here explains everything.