PS3 firmware update v4.10 adds Dropbox support

System software update version 4.10 is officially live for all U.S. and European PS3 owners, mostly bringing along some minor changes to the PS…err…SEN.

Along with the aforementioned name change, 4.10 reportedly brings some improvements to the PS3’s internet browser, bettering the browser’s display speed and optimizing content display.

One somewhat hidden, but no less potentially significant, feature is the reported inclusion of Dropbox support to the system. For the uninitiated, Dropbox is a cloud storage service which enables users to upload files, whether it be music, movies, or the like, from their computers and then download those same files from another computer, smartphone, or, now, Playstation 3. Terminal Gamer reports that the service is fully functional at the moment, minus the ability to upload files from the PS3 itself, which is apparently causing the system to freeze.

This is most definitely a useful addition for those PS3 owners who are tired of using those pesky portable hard drives for transferring their content to their little black boxes. A free 2GB of online storage is given just for signing up for the service, with up to an additional 8GB of storage added for those who refer the service to others.