Ridge Racer Vita will have free DLC on day one

When Ridge Racer launched on Vita in Japan along with the system last year there were complaints that, despite the lowered price of the game, it didn’t offer nearly enough content to be worth the price of admission.

Namco Bandai is clearly looking to address this for the game’s western launch, and is offering free DLC adding new maps and cars to anyone looking to buy the game new early on. Early copies of the game will come with a Ridge Racer Gold Pass code, allowing access to five new cars, three courses and more music from the soundtrack. The same deal will be available to anyone who downloads the racer before March 31.

Miss out on the offer and this content will set you back €6.99 instead (other prices TBC). Following on in April a Silver Pass will arrive, adding even more content for €5.99.

Ridge Racer on Vita launches on February 22, which we can finally say is under two weeks away.