Skyrim 1.4 patch coming to XBL today

Skyrim is a wonderful game, despite all the bugs; hopefully, the 1.4 patch that is due out early February 9, also known as today, will make it even better.

This report comes straight from Bethesda’s twitter. According to the message, the patch is set for Xbox Live today, and an appearance on the PS3 is “looking good.” There are an awful lot of issues that this patch claims to fix, the biggest being the massive lag that is still a problem for many PS3 players, myself included. Bethesda says that the patch will have “long term play optimizations for memory and performance,” which sounds like it could fix this problem. For a full list of the fixes, go here. It’s a pretty long list.

Hopefully, this patch will do what all the others have yet to do. Then all of us can enjoy the game that we’ve all wanted; a massive single-player RPG, in which the frame-rate doesn’t drop and the dragons don’t fly backwards.