Arkham City multiplayer tested, not worthy of inclusion

There’s always pressure whenever a developer decides not to include multiplayer in any given game. But thankfully, some just won’t give in to demands and won’t budge on their decision of making so. Rocksteady is one studio that got full support from publisher Warner to go ahead with a single-player only game in Batman: Arkham City, even though Rocksteady actually did test multiplayer for it.

“We did look at multiplayer early on and we looked at what it could actually bring to the table,” revealed game director Sefton Hill. “We tried some ideas out but it always felt like it was just there as a requirement. If we did multiplayer then we wouldn’t have been able to deliver the quality of game that people wanted – that we wanted. We would end up delivering two watered down products.”

Added Hill, “I don’t know why there’s this obsession in the games industry where a game has to be all things to all people. You wouldn’t have a film that needs to be drama, romance, horror, all at once – it doesn’t have to press every button, it just has to be good.”

Rocksteady has proven by now that single-player only games are very much alive, but how about you? Do you need multiplayer in a game or can a good campaign be worthy of your money? Both?