Amnesia dev teases its next

When the people at Frictional Games hint at a new project, we’re half filled with joy, half filled with fear. The team’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent was one of 2010’s best games but it was also its scariest. It’ll take a certain amount of courage to be able to jump into whatever the team cooks up next.

That doesn’t stop us getting pretty excited at this new tease, though. A website, simply titled has popped up, bearing the Amnesia logo and the phrase “something is emerging”. Click on the site and it displays a map of China. Resident Evil 6 might have a little competition, then.

That’s all that we can get out of the site but a little digging carried out by RPS reveals that the game currently doesn’t have a full title. So it may well not be an Amnesia sequel, though it’s surely bound to scare the crap out of us whatever it is.

Hoping for an imminent reveal on this one.