Far Cry 3 details emerging

Far Cry 3 is on its way supposedly this year. Until now, that’s more or less all we’ve heard about it since its announcement at E3. The latest issue of Edge magazine will have a feature on the followup to everyone’s favorite bout with malaria, though, and it seems some of those details have hit the internet in typical fashion: early.

While the list of details is pretty long, the general gist seems to be a game that is true to the predecessor’s open-world environment, but with a return to the first game’s island setting (only plural on an archipelago),  and replacing malaria with a bad-spreading case of insanity.

The focus, the developers are saying, is more personal than the political vibe of the second game. The player assumes the role of Jason Brody, an average dude who winds up in the thick of some unannounced plot details of doubtless sinister nature. This, combined with facing the harsh elements of a “lawless frontier” like an island jungle, leaves poor Brody in a state that threatens to throw him off the mental deep end. With the story details as thin as they are, it sounds a little like elements of that old GameCube horror gem Eternal Darkness are working their way in, where the player has to be wary of the well-being of his in-game persona in more ways than a health bar. One mission is described as simply running to grab mushrooms for a crazed doctor. While no guns are ever fired, sounds like some local fauna in a cave affect Brody’s perception to a point that jumping those cave ledges will become a whole lot more (hopefully) interesting.

Gameplay sounds similar to the first game as well, with a focus on giving players tactical options like stealth (sneak up behind a dude, steal his knife and stab him with it) or Rambo-mode (blast said dude with a shotgun before he blasts you). Clever players may even spot something like a hang glider that can be used to evade combat all together. Also expect what sounds like tastes of other games, like climbing some precarious ledges ala Uncharted, or some heavily guided, rollercoaster-paced escape missions ala Call of Duty. So in short, expect variety.

Like all game previews, it promises a lot. We’ll get a clearer taste from an upcoming trailer later this week, and hopefully the game proper later this year.