Vita downloads in UK to carry low price tags

The PlayStation Vita’s download-only first-party games in the UK will cost a lot less than bigger titles, VG247 reported today.

Sony’s announcement signals the implementation of a fairer pricing scheme, with what a Sony representative described as “a broad range of prices to suit different experiences”. MotorStorm RC will cost £4.79 as opposed to bigger-scale games, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which will retail at £40.

This move will mean that smaller console titles have a better chance of selling in the face of more modestly priced games available on smartphones, and will also be playable on PS3.

Other similarly priced titles include Super Stardust, Top Darts and Hustle Kings, which will all cost £6.49, while Escape Plan will set buyers back only £9.99.

The PlayStation Vita is due for release on February 22.