All about The Last of Us’ combat

We’ve heard a bit about how combat is going to work in The Last of Us already, but a more in-depth preview over at Game Informer has revealed new information about the action in Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival game.

As usual it was game director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann explaining the ins and outs of the title. Starley stressed that the combat will really match the tone of the world, with main hero Joel facing off against realistic enemies that are only out to survive, just like Joel himself.

Each encounter will be different as Joel will have to asses how well equipped the enemy is as well as taking into account his own inventory. It’s possible to use stealth to take enemies out or even use AI partners (which, interestingly enough, doesn’t specifically mean Ellie, the character Joel’s protecting throughout) to get the better of them.

Gunplay was expanded upon a bit too. It would seem that there won’t be any crossfire calamities in the game like in Uncharted. Due to the game’s realistic nature it’s apparently a better option to run and hide if your enemy draws first, reflecting on how strict the game’s health system will be.

Should Joel get hurt then players will have to wait until they have the means to heal him before he gets better, and this can be a laborious process. No regen health here, thankfully.

As for Ellie, we’ve heard that she’ll make herself useful when things get out of hand. If Joel finds himself in a scrap she might help out by hitting the enemy with a brick to stun them or something along those lines.

It sounds like there’s plenty of depth to the game’s combat, then. Now to just see it in action for ourselves.