Lineage II user-base up 800%, revenue quadrupled

Here’s another game gone free-to-play.

Ever since NCsoft’s MMORPG Lineage II became free to play, its user-base — largely set in Asia — has grown with a whopping 800 percent. That’s fine and all but if the company isn’t making any money off of it, what good is an increase that big, right? Not only did the amount of players increase by a huge margin, but revenue has quadrupled, too. That’s four times the money made during the game’s subscription-based era, pre-November 2011.

In wake of all this, NCsoft has had some trouble fitting the amount of servers needed to host the game with the arrival of all these new players, so if any of you humans, or orcs, or elves, or dwarfs have been cursing over a troubled game lately, now you know why that may have been.

Free-to-play… it’s a booming business. How many success stories do we have of this kind so far? One, two, three, four, five