Metal Gear Online marked for death

It’s easy to forget that Metal Gear Solid 4 featured a multiplayer component when it launched back in 2008. Metal Gear Online looked to be a whole lot of fun, but connection problems on Konami’s end held it back from accessibility.

As such, the publisher will be shutting down the game come June 12, the four year anniversary of its launch.

It won’t all go in one big bang; Konami will be removing some features beforehand. For example, the game’s shop will switch off on March 21. New registrations will stop being accepted on April 24. Of course the multiplayer options for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD will still be up and running so fans won’t be starved of online stealth action.

I remember my last game of MGO. I played for about five minutes before I found another player and then we spent the entire match copying each other like some sort of weird synchronized dance. It didn’t really reflect the quality of the game, but it was pretty funny.