Todd Howard on Morrowind’s appearance in Skyrim

Skyrim is a big place, that much is obvious, but not big enough for some players. In fact, shortly after the game’s launch last year, players found that the landmass of Morrowind, the third entry in the Elder Scrolls series, actually existed in the game. It could even be reached with a little bit of clipping magic.

But why was it there? Secret content? DLC hints? Nothing like that, says Bethesda’s Todd Howard.

“The reason they are there – and I will not say if we are or are not using them in the future – is when we first built the landmass for Skyrim we knew we were going to have these tall mountains,” he told Kotaku.

“And what can you see see? We have views early in the project where you can see into the [neighbouring] province from the other game. We needed to have something [there].

“It’s not high detail. If you walk there, from a distance it’s…yeah, the stuff is there. And the thinking is, maybe we’ll use it one day, but our larger worry was, I’m going to climb up on top of a mountain and look that way. What will I be able to see there? We try to cover all those angles as much as we can.”

Perhaps our adventures in Skyrim will make a trip across the boarder to nostalgia land at some point, then?