CD Projekt gives update on Witcher 2 PS3

The Witcher 2 will hit Xbox 360 in April, leaving just a PS3-shaped whole in its multiplatform status.

Developer CD Projekt Red has constantly been quizzed on a Sony version of the RPG since announcing the 360 one last year, but has only teased that they’d “love” to tackle another edition, rather than actually confirming one.

But, more recently, the team suggested to Eurogamer that they were waiting for the perfect moment to start working on a PS3 version.

“We are waiting for the perfect occasion,” managing director Adam Badowski said.

When asked if they occasion would be after the 360 version’s release, he replied “I think it’s better than before.”

“Perfect occasion is like Spanish Inquisition,”  head of marketing Michal Platkow-Gilewski added. “You never know!”

The site then asked if development would take yet another year to come around , to which Badowski answered “Theoretically. It’s all about the new renderer and it’s all about the new content; you need to have something new to pass concept submission, for example. But strictly theoretically.”

And, of course, the big question; would the team actually want to develop the game for the third time in a row? “Time will show,” Badowski said. “There are many, various consoles, so for me it’s not a problem [the time it would take]. There are many PS3 fans who probably want to play The Witcher 2, and we know about it, so we should always consider such paths.”

“On the other hand, we have a lot of fans who want to play our next games,” Platkow-Gilewski stated, later adding: “So we just have to measure up our capabilities.

“If we had 300 people here that would be a way easier decision.”

Still in ‘wait and see’ territory, then, but with the 360 version just a few months out, hopefully the waiting will soon be over.