Darksiders II has a date, pre-order bonuses

Prepare for Death.

We’ve figured for months now that Darksiders II would be coming sometime in June of this year, and now THQ has confirmed our suspicions by announcing June 26, 2012 as the upcoming third-person action-adventure title’s official release date for all the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Of course, there’s still no word on the Wii U version of the game, but as reported before, the game is expected to be a launch title for that console whenever it is unleashed on the masses.

Along with the release date, THQ has also announced a few goodies for those who pre-order the title through select outlets. Those who pre-order from Gamestop will receive the ‘Death Rides‘ pack, which features around two hours of additional side-quest content, allowing players to, among other things, “aid an ancient Construct, battle The Bloodless and retrieve Karn’s lost treasure.” Sure.

Pre-order from Best Buy to gain the ‘Angel of Death‘ pack, which includes a unique armor set, some upgraded weaponry, and “an exclusive visual trail” for Death’s in-game companion, Dust.

Meanwhile, pre-ordering from Amazon will net you the ‘Deadly Despair‘ pack, which grants Death’s horse, Despair, the permanent perk of an additional speed boost throughout the entirety of the title. (Cool.)

For more on Darksiders II, check out these couple of trailers, and some fancy screenshots of Death as he embarks on his quest to redeem his bro, War, in the game’s parallel story to the original Darksiders. Try not to die while you do so.