Max Payne 3 DLC to “properly extend” the game

In another one of its Asked & Answered sessions, Rockstar’s said that it’s hatching plans to offer post-launch content for its occasionally-slow-mo shooter Max Payne 3.

While currently “working very hard to ensure a faithful but still fresh and new Max Payne title,” the studio does look ahead: “As for future looking downloadable content, it’s a bit early yet for us to confirm exactly what shape Max Payne 3 DLC might take as we’re still in the planning stages for that, but yes we do plan to support Max Payne 3 with content post-release to properly extend the game experience for fans.”

The Q&A session also gave hope to those who can’t get Bully out of their heads: “We absolutely love that over 5 years later, we’re still seeing so much enthusiasm for Bully – all we can say is to see the answer from Monday’s Asked & Answered about L.A. Noire! We really love Bully ourselves and may also make a sequel at some point.”