New Resident Evil 6 deets are here

Last month’s reveal of Resident Evil 6 showed plenty about the new horror title, but also left us with a few burning questions. When does it take place? Where is Chris? Will Jill and other favorites show up?

Capcom has answered just a few of those questions in a blog post today. Apparently the game will be set in 2013, which means that it does indeed take place after Resident Evil 5 (which had been a matter of concern for some fans). And while Leon fights back the hordes in the US city of Twin Oaks, Chris will be in the fictional city of Lanshiang, China doing pretty much the same thing.

It’s also mentioned that while classic zombies return, they’ll be a bit more with it than the undead of the first three games. They can dodge gunfire if they know they’re being aimed at and even leap onto players to get at their (delicious) flesh.

A new enemy called the J’avo has also been announced. These guys are faster and more dangerous than their zombie¬†brethren, able to communicate and regenerate limbs. That said, it’s also prone to sprouting some of those limbs into vicious weapons much like enemies in the previous two Resident Evils.

It’s noted that Chris has experienced some sort of personal trauma prior to the events of the game. As the star of Resident Evil 5, he saw his partner Jill Valentine die a few years before the game began, only to find her alive towards the end. Could this be the case in RE6?

We’ve manged to put one month between the game’s announcement and its release now; just nine more to go until November 20.