Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t rule out F2P

After seeing so many games go free-to-play, it was somewhat surprising reading about Final Fantasy XIV Online — which was free to play to keep players interested following its botched launch — going back to its subscription-based model back in January. But according to producer Naoki Yoshida, it was apparently the right move.

“We keep a very close eye on all of the different business models and options available to us, and a subscription model is the business strategy that makes the most sense for FFXIV in the current market,” explained Yoshida.

That doesn’t mean the free-to-play model is utterly out of the question, as he adds, “I do think creating a hybrid from different business models is an interesting proposition, and this may be something we investigate further down the line.”

But not here, not now and not for Final Fantasy XIV.

“Adopting a F2P model means changing certain aspects of the game design in order to fit to the model since the prices customers have to pay for F2P are different to those they pay for subscription-based games. Therefore, if we do decide to change the business model in the future, it will also be necessary for us to adjust the game design so that it works accordingly.”

What’s your pick? Free-to-play, or subscriptions? Both… none?