Persson tones down Psychonauts 2 rumors

We’ve been running around with our underpants on our heads like wild children ever since Minecraft creator Markus Persson offered to help Double Fine fund the development of Psychonauts 2.

But now, like an agitated mother screaming at us to take them off, Persson has injected a little reality into the situation. Mojang’s main man took to his blog to lay down some facts about the progress he’s making with Double Fine and its owner, Tim Schafer.

He wrote:

* Tim and I haven’t spoken much at all other than a couple of emails.
* We mentioned meeting at GDC, I hope that will happen
* I assume Double Fine will be very busy for many months with the kickstarter project
* The budget for doing a Psychonauts 2 is three times higher than my initial impression
* A couple of other parties have mentioned also being interested in investing in it
* I would not be investing in this as a charity. It would be because I think the game would be profitable
* And naturally, I wouldn’t want to have any creative input in the game. It would be purely a high risk investment in a project I believe in.

Persson does make it clear however that if all the pieces do come together then he’d be very much interested in funding the project. Although he also stresses that the hype and coverage these (so far relatively insignificant) events are receiving is getting out of hand, and that players shouldn’t get their hopes up.

So take those underpants off of your head, sit down and wait patiently, please.