Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector’s Edition announced

So yeah, it’s becoming quite clear that Radical Entertainment and Activision are going the whole nine yards with Prototype 2, making sure any issues fans had with the first game are not only addressed and overcome, but exceeding their expectations of what the sequel will be. One way to do that was to announce the RADNET Edition; another way is to announce the Blackwatch Collector’s Edition, which is the “ultimate in bio-outbreak control,” apparently.

Included in the Blackwatch CE are the following items:

Prototype 2 RADNET Edition content.
• Free Prototype 2 DLC Pack #1 “Colossal Mayhem.” (out in May)
• Official Prototype 2 soundtrack CD.
• Exclusive Prototype 2 hardbound art book.
• Dark Horse Digital Comic “Prototype: The Labyrinth.”
• 20% discount voucher at Prototype Merchandise Store.

To visually stimulate you and entice you even more into getting this particular edition, here’s the trailer they’ve made for it:

Prototype 2 is out late-April on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, with this Blackwatch CE retailing for $79.99.