CryEngine devs reportedly working on next-gen systems

According to CryEngine business executive Carl Jones, numerous developers are currently working on games “with target platforms significantly higher in power than the current-gen consoles.” With rumors flying high and wild about Microsoft and Sony being knee deep in the development of their respective consoles’ successors, this comes as no surprise. Predictably, which developers are included on that list went unmentioned, let alone the games they’re working on.

Jones also mentioned that Crytek is ready for the next generation of gaming, insisting that the company has been “planning for next gen development since we started CryEngine 3” and that it won’t need to rebuild it and rebrand it with a number 4 at the end. This is unlike Epic Games, which is prepping for the studio’s take on what the next generation should be with its proprietary, and soon-to-be revealed, Unreal Engine 4.

“We’ll be showing more on this during 2012,” said Jones. “We don’t need to rebuild our engine to deal with higher spec gaming devices, which will come on line in the next few years.”

In addition, he revealed that there are currently around 50 commercial CryEngine games projects in production, which is kind of spontaneously exciting to know about.