Talking about the next PlayStation this year would be “very distracting” — SCEA CEO

CEO and President of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton hinted that there will most likely not be any PlayStation 4 reveal in 2012 in an interview with IGN today.

“I, quite frankly, would be very distracted if I had to be talking about next generation hardware this year,” Tretton said.

“And right now, we’re focused on PlayStation 3, and I’ve got another platform (PlayStation Vita) to get out the door in seven days, so I don’t want to be thinking about trying to launch new technology anytime soon. I want to focus all our energy on our console business, which is really just hitting its stride, and Vita, which really deserves a dedicated push from us.”

This news shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for those who have been following the console’s trajectory. A little over a month ago, we reported that Sony themselves confirmed that there will be no PS4 at this year’s E3, and other Sony CEOs have projected that the company will eventually be the last to reveal their next generation hardware.

Talk like this is to be expected with the amount of stock Sony has put into their flashy new Vita handheld, especially with its North American and European release merely days away. It would appear that Sony is committed to avoiding the mistakes which crippled sales of the PlayStation Portable, and wants to avoid spreading themselves too thin, at least for now. We’ll have to wait and see if Sony’s later start out of the next-gen gates hurts or helps the fate of the PS4.