thatgamecompany already on its next project

You’d think the people over at thatgamecompany would like to take a breather now that they’ve announced the release date for Journey, which will be available mid-March, but no, they just have to keep on making games. And who are we to stop them?

According to a job listing, TGC is looking for a “scalability engineer,” one that has “experience building a scalable online service” and “desire to see the medium of games mature and increase in relevancy for people around the world.” That means the company will be once again focusing on two things: making a multiplayer game, not unlike Journey, and… well, just being thatgamecompany, really.

“With our last game, Journey, we began incorporating online interactions into our projects, and we’d like to take it a step further on our next game. But while we’re pretty experienced making games, we’ve never built a full scale online service available to hundreds of thousands of users. We’re looking for someone to help us plan and build our online infrastructure in a way that scales,” reads the listing.