Activision behind rumored TMNT game, possibly

Rumors would have us believe Rocksteady’s next project to be one which includes slow-paced reptiles being actually really fast, really stealthy and in the mood to kick down thugs all over the place. Quite frankly, if the studio managed to make a guy who likes to dress like a bat and go clobber the scum of Arkham City to a pulp look that good, then my money’s on it being able to bring back pizza-eating teenage mutant ninja turtles as well.

But while the above would be the best-case scenario, the truth might just sting a bit for those who got a little bit too excited a little too fast, as it turns out that Activision might be the one behind the rumored TMNT game. According to reports, and photographic evidence, it would be the giant publisher which holds the rights to make games based on the franchise. Although never publicly bragged about, as far as we can remember, Activision did get the license after Ubisoft dropped it last June.

Rumors for now. All of the above. All of it.