Call of Duty for Vita to come this autumn

That PlayStation Vita Call of Duty title that Activision announced during the system’s reveal early last year can be expected to launch sometime “in the autumn,” Sony Senior Vice President of PlayStation brand marketing Guy Longworth has said in an interview with GameTrailers.

He doesn’t go into much detail beyond that, noting that they’re “still working on it”, so it’s not clear whether or not this purported title would be a port of an existing COD or an entirely new game built specifically for the system.

Longworth does say that he expects the title to be “an absolute game-changer for the platform,” not surprisingly, so it would appear that he is of the same mindset as our own Jamie Feltham.

With Black Ops 2 already looking to probably be this year’s rendition of the mammoth FPS franchise, a Vita release of Call of Duty this fall would only further solidify this year as another huge year for the series.