Capcom on late PC ports

Console gamers were jumping for joy when Resident Evil 6 boldly revealed itself with a November 20 release date earlier this year, though PC fans were less enthusiastic to sheepishly hear from Capcom that a PC port would follow shortly afterwards.

It’s a bit of a trend with Capcom, it would seem, and the publisher has explained just why that is.

“Quite often, PC development starts when the console development finishes or nearly finishes,” the company’s Christian Svensson stated in a recent Ask Capcom post.

“Unless we start sitting on the console code and not releasing it until the PC development is complete (which we can’t do from a business planning perspective), there’s going to continue to be some small gaps, unfortunately.

“We try to keep the gap as small as possible and, at times, we have been able to make them simultaneous: Dark Void, Bionic Commando, BCR, MotoGP, Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2:OTR.”

Is this sort of answer acceptable? Do PC gamers mind have to wait the extra month or so?