CDP working on AAA titles for PC, next-gen consoles

The Witcher house CD Projekt RED is working on five new games, the studio’s revealed, two of them big “AAA+” releases — both currently in pre-production — and three smaller ones.

The larger projects are being developed with PC and next generation console hardware in mind, and are expected to launch in 2014 and 2015. The smaller projects will be out far sooner, with the first scheduled for 2012’s first quarter and another possibly towards the end of the year.

Of one of the higher end projects, the studio’s managing director Adam Badowski tells EG: “I can tell you we are and we were focusing on powerful gaming rigs. We’re going to do something amazing, so we need extra processors.

“It will be multi-platform game, so the multi-release at the same time. But if you are talking about leading platform, we will use most powerful, just because it can give us the freedom of creation.”

Their goal, he adds, is to develop “something special, new – better than others on the market”.

As for what kind of a game it is? “I cannot say right now. It will be a mature RPG and story-driven game. I cannot say in what universe – maybe high fantasy, maybe not.”

The second one must be The Witcher 3 then, surely? Probably. “Give us some time; I’m sure we will announce it pretty fast in the following months, but we want to do everything in the proper order. And right now we are focused on polishing and bringing the Enhanced Edition to Xbox 360 and PC.”

It’s a matter of slowly entering the console market, it’s further explained, and ‘educating their games/customers’; “we don’t want to [talk] too much about our future projects for now.”