EA and Crytek at work on new project

According to a new job listing, it would seem that publisher giant EA is once again partnering with Germany-based Crytek to make a game happen.

The requisition is very vague on details, as they usually are, and doesn’t mention any game, any genre, any platforms or if it’s even a sequel or a new IP. It does mention a few things that give the EA/Crytek partnership away, like, “embed with partner studio (Crytek), provide inspiration and creative focus for the project team,” and “work alongside EAGL marketing and Crytek to define the process and work flow and take ownership of this process within the development schedule,” and “CryEngine knowledge an asset,” and “would require relocation to Frankfurt, Germany.”

That last one is rather interesting, as Crytek’s Frankfurt-based team was the one responsible for Crysis 2. If we were to speculate, this project could very well be the next game in the franchise, but we’re not going to do that. As far as we know, it could also be the next Time Splitters, as the guys over at Gamerzines (who unearthed this) specula… suggest.