Ready at Dawn working on new IP

This is the kind of news that usually gets me going. Some games should have sequels, but whenever someone dives into the realms of new intellectual property-making, I’m all ears.

In this particular case, Ready at Dawn, the studio behind God of War games for the PSP, is looking to hire people for “an exciting new triple-A IP for a next-generation home console game system.” Whatever console (singular?) that is, we don’t know. Yet.

The little info we were treated to says the studio is working on a “third-person action adventure and is looking for talented, motivated and self-directed developers to join our team.” Such talent may come in the form of senior concept artist, senior level designer, graphics programmer, gameplay programmer among many others.

If interested, take a look at the entire list and see if something suits you. If not, then… well, at least you know about it.