Counter-Strike beta expands

The beta for Counter-Striker: Global Offensive is currently in full swing, though it just got, uh, fuller?

A recent patch for the frag fest added three new maps and another three new weapons. The new levels go by the names of Inferno, Train and Nuke while the weapons include the Nova shotgun, Bizon and MP7 SMGs.

New ways to get into the beta are also becoming available; Valve has sent out 7,000 keys to the community in the past week with another 2,000 to come soon. They’re also setting up a survey to allow other fans entry.

The developer will be tuning the game based on fan feedback, with weapon recoil a current focus.”Recoil is tricky. It isn’t just math. It’s also about feel and one of the defining parts of Counter-Strike,” a recent blog post explained. “A few weeks back we had pro player Salvatore ‘Volcano’ Garozzo by our offices and one of his biggest pieces of feedback he gave us was about recoil. It was still too hard to control.”

The full game should be hitting later on in the year.