“No plans” for PS Vita development — Naughty Dog

If yesterday’s news gave you hope of Uncharted developer Naughty Dog already having something in the works for PlayStation Vita, it sadly isn’t so. The studio has “no plans” to develop a Vita game at this time, community man Arne Meyer has said over at Neogaf (via).

“We’re not working on anything for PS Vita,” he wrote following SCEA’s senior vice president of PlayStation brand marketing Guy Longworth’s suggestions to the contrary.

“I won’t say never, ever, but there’s no plans for it right now – we’ve always felt that consoles play to our strengths … and desires to push the utmost limit of resources and memory and tech and engine.

“That can change with the right handheld, [which is] why I won’t ever say never. We’ve never made a handheld game, so us saying we’re not working on anything at the moment shouldn’t be some earth-shattering surprise.”

And that’s that. Vita’s western launch is tomorrow.