F2P Tribes open beta commences this week

Tribes: Ascend will be entering open beta later this week, developer Hi-Rez has announced, and just in time for some weekend shootage, too. Friday, February 24 is when the free-to-play shooter will be available to all.

According to Todd Harris, the studio’s COO, the closed beta attracted over 300,000 players who helped improve the game “greatly.” The hard job’s done then.

A new patch will be released ahead of the open beta as well, bringing new gametypes, maps, unlockables, bug fixes and more, ensuring there’s plenty of content to consume. Grab more deets below:

– New gametype, Arena Deathmatch, with two initial maps
– New Capture The Flag map, Temple Ruins
– New Team Deathmatch map, Inferno
– Two new unlockable items for the Soldier class: Proximity Grenade and Utility Pack
– New default suits for Doombringer and Brute
– Ability to view either Blood Eagle or Diamond Sword skins from Class menu
– Service supporting Name Change
– Large number of bug-fixes and balance adjustments.