French site, Activision bury the alleged hatchet

The mini-drama between French site Gameblog and mega publisher Activision has come to and end; following an apparent blacklisting — which Activision says was a misunderstanding — the site reports that all relations have resumed following being contacted by the Call of Duty giant.

The trouble arose when the site discovered and reported on Amazon’s listing of Black Ops 2, something that every site, including us, quickly picked up on. When they refused to remove the story following a request from Activision, they were allegedly blacklisted. But all is well now.

“Activision France contacted us by phone to tell us that they wanted ‘to work again’ with Gameblog and were ‘glad’ to do so,” a statement from the site given to Kotaku reads.

“They made clear that they wanted to resume everything that was severed past Friday, including the sending of the games, attendance to the publisher’s events, and the contacts between their media agency and our advertisement agency. Gameblog is obviously glad of the decision Activision took to come back on its original position, and hopes that this kind of situation will not happen again, to anyone.”