Strider reboot, Streets of Rage remake cancelled in Grin closure

Bionic Commando: Rearmed developer Grin shut down all the way back in 2009. Given the team’s recent work on the fantastic remake of the Capcom franchise (on the digital front at least), it was sad to see them go. It only makes it sadder to see what the studio had been working on leading up to its demise.

Spanish website Anait Games got its hands on shots and even footage of two projects that were cancelled before the studio’s closure. One was a reboot of Capcom classic Strider, while the other was a remake of Sega’s Streets of Rage.

Apparently Strider was cancelled just weeks after the release of the ho-hum Bionic Commando reboot in 2009. Grin Barcelona reportedly tried to take the game elsewhere without the Strider license, but failed in doing so.

Following that game’s cancellation the team started up work on a Streets of Rage remake for Sega, aiming at a digital release. Work on this project apparently didn’t last all that long.

Grin were also rumored to be working on a Silent Hill game for Konami, and we’ve already heard of the Final Fantasy game they had under wraps.

Apparently Crytek even offered to buy the studio before its closure, but walked away due to a high asking price.

A story with this many high-profile publisher, developers and franchises doesn’t come around often. It’s a wonder that the studio went under with so much buzz seemingly surrounding it.