Vita to avoid the PSP droughts — Sony

With the PlayStation Vita now having launched in the west, it’s make or break time for Sony’s new handheld. The infamous PSP droughts are undoubtedly a cause for concern in its successor, but Sony have assured fans that content will be coming in heavy supply.

Sony Worldwide Studios senior vice president Scott Rohde offered a comment on the situation to Gamasutra, stating that there was “a lot more” to come from the Vita.

“I think that there were too many droughts of killer titles [for PSP]. There were too many long droughts, and I think we recognized that,” Rohde said. “And we’ve put a serious investment into our long-term PS Vita plans, so there’s a lot of stuff in the works.

“I think what was special about PSP in relation to Sony was it was the first time that Sony, as a company, was trying to support two platforms at once. So that, by its very nature, made that launch a little bit rocky. We still did okay. We got some good games out the door.

“This time around, we started planning for development of [Vita] about three years ago, in terms of developing for the software, and how we were going to be able to transition.”

Vita has yet to lift the lid on a number of big titles like Killzone, Call of Duty and BioShock. When will we hear more about the system’s big releases?