Battlefield 3 in store for a lot of changes; DICE releases massive changelog

DICE has released a massive (read: massive) list of upcoming Battlefield 3 fixes, changes and improvements. If you actually read through them all, you’ll be our hero.

It’s also not the full list of things the developer’s working on, as community man Daniel Matros explains: “We would like to share some of the confirmed fixes and tweaks that we have been working on to the Community. Note that this is still not a full update list and there will be more information on this as we go forward. Also please remember that the content in this list might be changed but of course, we will also keep you in the loop about this.”

You can go over the full list over at the official Battlefield Blog here. The notes apply to all PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, though there’s no ETA on when these might be added to the actual game.