The Last Story coming to North America this summer

Wonderful news for all you Wii-owning RPG lovers: Mistwalker’s The Last Story will be arriving on North American shores after all.

Nintendo confirmed that XSEED Games will be publishing the North American version of the title during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct video presentation.

The title, the latest from former longtime Final Fantasy developer Hironobu Sakaguchi, has been repeatedly denied a North American release by Nintendo over the years. When it was announced last year that the game would be released in Europe this February 24, things became a tad more encouraging. Now, Nintendo has finally completed the game’s westward movement.

The Last Story‘s upcoming release represents another success for proponents of Operation Rainfall, the collective of hardcore JRPG fans who have lobbied for the release of three critically-acclaimed, formerly Japanese-only, titles: Pandora’s Tower, which is still unreleased Stateside, Xenoblade Chronicles, which was released in North America last April, and The Last Story, which will now be coming to a Wii near you this summer.