EA Tiburon vets form PixelFoundry, announce BlackSpace

It’s always interesting to see what newly formed studios can come up with once the stressful days of setting up shop have past and the dust settles. In this particular case, former Florida-based EA Tiburon (Madden NFL, EA Sports MMA) employees Volga Aksoy and Jerry Phaneuf have partnered to found PixelFoundry Games. Not only that, they’ve already announced their first game, BlackSpace, heading for PC sometime later this year.

BlackSpace, as described by the studio’s official website, “is a unique form of real-time strategy, combining elements of action with an emphasis on economic and defensive efficiency. Players will find themselves on the outskirts of explored space, harvesting minerals, and supplying markets, while using the resources around them to sustain their operations as well as the lives of the colonist workers.”

“We are early in development on BlackSpace,” said co-founder Phaneuf. “In line with some of the forward thinking independent developers out there, we really want to get the community involved with the game, incrementally releasing features and enhancements, while getting reactions and suggestions.”

Below is the teaser video for the game which is as teasing as they come, as if the above didn’t make it perfectly clear.