MMOs still have room for storytelling — The Secret World dev

With the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO has seen a new breed of game in terms of storytelling (if not perhaps in gameplay).

Now Funcom, the team behind upcoming MMO The Secret World, has argued that there’s still plenty of space for storytelling in the genre. Speaking to CVG, lead content designer Joel Bylo also¬†argued¬†that this doesn’t mean players have to care for story in these games.

“My personal feeling is that [MMO is] a genre that’s still looking for an audience in a lot of places, and I think there’s a place for storytelling in MMOs,” Bylo said.

“The thing about our storytelling, the cutscenes and stuff, you either take a lot of the story in and you like it, or you don’t give a sh*t and you don’t have to pay any attention to it. I think that’s how MMOs need to do story, actually. It permeates the game.”

Speaking specifically about the developer’s upcoming project, Bylo reasoned that players will pay attention to the story in The Secret World.

“Most players don’t like to play games without any motivation at all,” he explained. “Hopefully, the aim of the game is to have people theorising about what it all means.

“If people start doing that, even their friends who aren’t into story might getting dragged in. I use this analogy a lot; it’s like the first season of Lost. There’s lots of questions, a few answers and we want people talking about it.”

Following a recent delay, The Secret World is hitting PCs on June 19.