Rumor — New Blizzard game to be free-to-play

Update: Blizzard has responded, telling Kotaku that DOTA Blizzard is a free-to-play title. It remains unclear if that’s the only free-to-play title in the works at the studio though.

Original story: A “source” has told Develop that giant Blizzard will be embracing the free-to-play business model for the company’s upcoming game. That’s about as substantial as said source was willing to be on the matter so really, and sadly enough, there’s pretty much nothing to go on except the words of COO Paul Sams during BlizzCon 2011 held last October.

“It certainly is possible, if we find ourselves in that circumstance, or if we come up with a game where we think that’s the right business model, the most appropriate for players to experience it,” explained Sams. “We don’t have any opposition to the concept, it’s just that at this point we haven’t decided to make a game where that is the model. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t.”

The only fact here is that we got nowhere with contradictions like these. We’ll just have to patiently wait, as we usually do.