SWTOR players average “absurd” playtime sessions — BioWare

In an interview with Kotaku, BioWare Austin head Greg Zeschuk says the average Star Wars: The Old Republic player logs in between four to six hours per session.

“When they play, their sessions are absurd,” says Zeschuk. “What it implies is that we’ve managed to pull off this ‘just-one-more-quest, just-one-more-thing’ feeling. I find myself doing that all the time. I just get sucked back in. The playing of the game is off the charts.”

Zeschuk and company say they’ve compiled this data from an “intense amount of analytics and telemetry being drawn from the game.”

Other findings include that Sunday is the busiest play day, since most people are home from work, school and the like, and that players “average peak play time is mid-afternoon, because East Coast is getting off work, Europe is off work and in their peak, and as Europe goes down, North America goes up.”

Zeschuk notes that development of the MMO, which, as we learned a few weeks back, has reached 1.7 million registered users off of 2 million copies sold, is still ongoing.

“It’s just as active as it was in November before we launched,” Zeschuk reports. “We’re still talking to LucasArts almost daily about our plans. They’re still reviewing design documents. We still have feature stuff that goes out a couple of years in advance. This stuff is all dynamic, depending on what happens and what feedback we get. We [can] start pushing things in and pulling them out.”